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Bible Study Guide for The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Pilgrim’s Progress is indeed a masterpiece that all believers should read. And in fact, it was for centuries, right alongside the Bible in most homes and schools. The relatable stories and spiritual focus also made it a wonderful tool in the hands of Christian missionaries. Ironically, one of my reviewers for the book mentioned that he read it in high school during the 1950’s—you will not hear of that today! However, the book was more than just read, it was also discussed in groups with parents, teachers, and fellow church members.

If it was important to read and study the book then, why not now? I think that it is! For this reason, I created The Pilgrim’s Progress Study Guide.

Get the Study that goes with the Book

Each chapter, subsection, and discussion question are designed to be used in conjunction with my new version The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Modern-Day Version of John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Other versions of the book will feel drastically different and not match up with the study questions and format of this book. 

Why is that? Well, Bunyan’s original version of the book is not only very difficult to read but is broken into ten segments that he refers to as “stages” rather than the twelve chapters and subsections that my book and study guide utilize. Other more “readable” versions might include chapter headings, but it will not align with the sessions that correspond with this study. In addition, many leave out key text and do not keep with Bunyan’s original intentions for the book.

Also, if your completing this study in a group setting, it would be helpful if each participant had the same book to make class discussion time more beneficial.

A Comprehensive Study Guide

This comprehensive study guide includes:

  • Twelve sessions of study
  • Comprehensive Bible study workbook with studies for each week
  • Complete character sketches and summaries to go deeper
  • Bible study questions that are ideal for group discussion
  • Perfect for book clubs, small groups, or individual Bible study
  • Available in print or e-book formats

As with all my Bible study guides you will find an answer guide and scripture references available for free online. This study guide will require some digging into Scripture with some challenging questions, but I really enjoyed putting it together and I’m hoping you will enjoy it as well.

Download a Sample Chapter

Take some time and preview a sample chapter of the study guide and see for yourself if this might be the perfect study for your small group!

Reviews for the Study Guide

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve shared many of the reviews that have been written on the book. However, I also wanted to share some of the reviews we’ve received on the Study Guide. 
RobAmazon Reviewer
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I am reading the book to my kids (ages 9 to 15) and the guide is making me look very smart as we review and summarize each chapter! I would highly recommend both the book and study guide!
DaleAmazon Reviewer
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If you are looking for a study to challenge and enhance your Christian/spiritual walk, either for self-study or with a group, then you have found it!! Combine this study guide with the referenced revision of Pilgrim's Progress and you will have some great theological and practical issues to mull over/discuss.
Movie Fan
Movie FanAmazon Reviewer
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There is so MUCH wonderful material in this guide! It really enriched my understanding of Pilgrim's Progress.

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