Mere Christianity Study Guide

A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis Book Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity Study Guide 3D
Mere Christianity Study Guide 3D

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The Most Trusted Study Guide to Learning Mere Christianity

Reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis should not be difficult but rather a rewarding, life-changing experience. And it can be with the Mere Christianity Study Guide! This easy-to-understand workbook digs deep into each chapter and in turn into Lewis’s thoughts transforming you into an expert on this apologetics classic.

Mere Christianity Study Guide is perfect for book clubs, church groups, and independent study. This comprehensive Bible study workbook includes daily study questions relative to each of the twelve sessions. For small-group flexibility, multiple week format options make it is easy to lay down the study and pick it back up at a later date.

An easy-to-read appendix and commentary are included providing deeper insights into each chapter as well as Scripture references to reinforce biblical concepts. To help with those more difficult discussion questions, a complete Answer Guide is available for free online.

The Mere Christianity Study Guide includes:

  • Twelve sessions of study with multi-week options included
  • Comprehensive Bible study workbook with five daily studies per week
  • Complete appendix and commentary to go deeper
  • Bible study questions that are ideal for group discussion
  • Answer Guide for all questions available for free online
  • Perfect for book clubs, small groups, or individual Bible study
  • Available in print or e-book formats

Take a deeper dive into the book that has helped shape the way millions of Christians think and speak as well as setting the standard for defending Christianity to a postmodern world. There’s no better tool for making that happen than with the Mere Christianity Study Guide!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes. The study guide includes discussion questions, appendix, commentary, and more, but you will need the book to read corresponding chapters that go with each weekly lesson. Get the book on Amazon here.

The study is twelve weeks covering two-three chapters per week. However, the study can easily be formatted to an eight or ten week study based on your schedule.

Yes. It’s most helpful for learning purposes if each person has their own study guide to answer questions and to make notes. However, couples might find it convenient to share the C.S. Lewis book for reading purposes.

Absolutely! The study is created in a discussion based format allowing any leader to simply guide participants through each study question at weekly meetings.

Yes. The Answer Guide and Scripture Reference Guide are available for free. Click on the Download Answer Guides button in the top right corner. 

You can use this study with all adult age-groups with even some youth groups finding the study enjoyable.

The book is available in both print and e-book formats. However, print is most helpful when writing answers to discussion questions found in the book.

Dr. Steve Urban
Dr. Steve UrbanAuthor
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Steven Urban graduated from the University of California with a degree in Psychobiology before going on to receive his medical doctorate at New York Medical College. He completed his residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins and was awarded an NIH Fellowship in Stroke Research at the University of Maryland. Today he is a double-board certified Physiatric Interventional Pain Specialist and the author or Mere Christianity Study Guide.
Jerry Root
Jerry RootEditor of The Quotable C.S. Lewis and Consulting Editor of The C.S. Lewis Study Bible
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I recommend the book for all who take their faith seriously and want to grow to be all they can be in Christ!
KelliAmazon 5 Star Review
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Just started but this study guide is not a fluff job... it's already making me really think about my ideas about Christianity and C.S. Lewis. I like that the author is a medical doctor and talks about his own journey. I also like that the website has some "proposed" answers to the study guide questions which is helpful to those of us looking at this alone.
CrystalAmazon 5 Star Review
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This study guide is more than just a guide to C.S Lewis’ Mere Christianity, it is a guide to Christianity itself! I have gone through the guide with my family, some who were not Christians, and it has helped clarify a lot of misconceptions of what a life in Christ is. The appendices for ‘Further Up and Further In’ that Dr. Urban has put together at the end of the guide is an amazing compilation of information gathered from numerous sources across multiple generations. Great book for anyone wanting to dig deeper in their faith.
RhinoAmazon 5 Star Review
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This guide is excellent. This is the third time for me to read Mere Christianity, and the guide and lesson plan make the book so much more understandable.
StephenAmazon 5 Star Review
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I purchased this guide thinking it would be just another regurgitated version of the book, but I was overwhelmingly surprised by the depth of questions and though provoking discussion prompts. Even the Introduction of this book includes some great biblical truths that are prudent to understanding how a book like Mere Christianity can and should relate in today's world.
LindaAmazon 5 Star Review
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Anyone wanting to understand Mere Christianity would truly enjoy this study guide. It opened up a brighter view point.

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