Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide

A Bible Study on the C.S. Lewis Essay Screwtape Proposes a Toast

Screwtape Proposes a Toast Cover 3D
Screwtape Proposes a Toast Cover 3D

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Only the imaginative mind of C.S. Lewis could create as short story about a demon offering the after-dinner speech at the graduation ceremony at the Tempter’s Training College for young demons.

Nearly two decades after the release of The Screwtape Letters and to the delight of his fans, Lewis wrote a sequel that he never intended to create. In fact, he never imagined the original book would become a classic and that his readers would continue to enjoy it so many years later.

Now almost 50 years later after the sequel’s release, Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide digs deep into Lewis’ almost prophetic declaration of how the underworld seeks to corrupt education, democracy, social politics, and directly shift a cultural worldview.

For those who have completed The Screwtape Letters Study Guide or The Screwtape Letters Study Guide for Teens, this study is the perfect follow up, but it can be done independent of the others. This flexible study can be used in one long setting or divided up over several sessions.

Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide includes:

  • Comprehensive Bible study workbook with flexible study sessions
  • Complete character sketches and summaries to go deeper
  • Bible study questions that are ideal for group discussion
  • Answer Guide for all questions and Scripture Reference Guide available for free online
  • Perfect for book clubs, small groups, or individual Bible study
  • Available in print or e-book formats 

Screwtape has a compelling yet subtle strategy for continuing to attack God’s people. Understand those strategies and learn to fight back with The Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

No. This books follows the short story that C.S. Lewis wrote called Screwtape Proposes a Toast for the Saturday Evening Post. Some versions of The Screwtape Letters carry it in the back, but most do not. I would advice you to search for it on Google. It is a short story that can easily be read in a couple of hours.

No, you do not have to read The Screwtape Letters first before reading Screwtape Proposes a Toast. However, for a better understanding of who Screwtape is and the background it would be helpful to have read the book. We generally suggest reading the book and doing The Screwtape Letters Study Guide first and then wrapping up your study with an extra week doing Screwtape Proposes a Toast.

The study can be done in one or two small group settings or over an afternoon.

Yes. It’s most helpful for learning purposes if each person has their own study guide to answer questions and to make notes. 

Absolutely! The study is created in a discussion based format allowing any leader to simply guide participants through each study question at weekly meetings.

Yes. The Answer Guide and Scripture Reference Guide are available for free. Click on the Download Answer Guides button in the top right corner.

You can use this study with all adult age-groups although some teen groups have found the study enjoyable.

The book is available in both print and e-book formats. The e-book is always free on most platforms. However, print is most helpful when writing answers to discussion questions found in the book.

Alan Vermilye
Alan VermilyeAuthor
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Alan Vermilye is an Amazon Best-Selling author of many books, including his modern-day revisions of The Pilgrim's Progress and The Life and Death of Mr. Badman. He is also the author of the most trusted study guides for many C. S. Lewis classics, including The Screwtape Letters, Screwtape Proposes a Toast, The Great Divorce, and The Problem of Pain. In addition, he’s written study guides for the Charles Dicken’s classic, A Christmas Carol, and his favorite movie, It's a Wonderful Life.
JohnAmazon 5 Star Review
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Very useful in studying the text. The questions get you thinking about the deeper point of the book than just a general overview. It also has the reader checking Scriptural passages to bring insight to the readings.
NathanAmazon 5 Star Review
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We have used the other study guides in the series as a great way to engage and interact with our kids over the past few summers. The questions are provoking and utilize Scripture as well. The answer guides are helpful too to add to the discussion that these wonderful books create. Keep them coming!
TiffanyAmazon 5 Star Review
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What a great study guide, makes the learning experience much easier and manageable.

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