The Life and Death of Mr. Badman

A Readable Modern-Day Version of John Bunyan’s The Life and Death of Mr. Badman

Th Life and Death of Mr. Badman 3d Cover

The most readable version of The Life and Death of Mr. Badman available!

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman by John Bunyan can be a bit challenging, even for the best of readers. Not so with this new, easy-to-read version that translates the original archaic language into simple conversational English, allowing readers of all ages to easily navigate this popular Christian story considered by many to be the third part of The Pilgrim’s Progress series.

The church bells rang yesterday for the death of Mr. Badman—a thief, a liar, a drunk, a swindler, an adulterer, a sexual deviant, and a master of deception. His wife, children, and friends will not miss him. In fact, most will consider the world better off without him. His life didn’t have to end up that way, and Wise knew it. He watched Badman grow up from a child and was there when he lay on his deathbed, urging him to change his ways, repent, and turn to God, though he never did.

But today, Wise awoke to a beautiful morning believing he could put all that behind him. That is, until his young friend and neighbor, Attentive, came bounding into his day. It was then Wise realized he must tell the story of the life and death of a very bad man…at least one more time.

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman depicts the stages of life—from cradle to grave—of a very wicked man in an evil age and the miserable consequences that undoubtedly follow such wretched living.

Without losing any faithfulness to the original text, now you can read Bunyan’s timeless classic and reimagine this famous quest that has challenged and encouraged believers for centuries.

The book includes the original Bible references and a Bible study guide is available separately for individual and small group use.

Yes. The most important consideration was to convert the original, archaic language into simple conversational English without losing any faithfulness to Bunyan’s text. When compared to the original version, you will find no key element missing. However, Bunyan presented his original book in the form of one long dialogue between two men. A storyline has been inserted along and divided into chapters to help the overall narrative flow better without sacrificing the intrinsic message.

Yes. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman is considered third in the series and a counterpart to Christian’s journey of faith in The Pilgrim’s Progress. But the books can be read in any order.

The book is appropriate for all readers 12 and up.

Yes. The Life and Death of Mr. Badman Study Guide, coming soon and available separately, will guide you through a better understanding of the key concepts found in the book, supporting Bible passages, and the relevance to our world today. Each study question is ideal for group discussion and answers to each question are available online.

No. Although there are several versions of this Bunyan classic, this version is the only book made specifically for this study. Each chapter and study question of both the book and study guide are designed to be used with each other. Other book versions will feel drastically different and not match up with the study questions and format of this study.

RobAmazon Reviewer
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I read Pilgrim’s Progress several years ago but was inspired to pick it up again with a study group. I am getting so much more out of the book this time around! I highly recommend the book and the study guide! It is very well done.
KimAmazon Reviewer
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I was always reluctant to read Pilgrim's Progress because of the old language and cultural references. But, Mr. Vermilye has translated this timeless classic to a very readable, enjoyable text making the point of John Bunyan's 17th century classic story still intact. I could not put the book down; excited about the travels of the main character and the adventure he was on to reach the Celestial City. This revised book is definitely a must read.
CowanAmazon Reviewer
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The study guide is also well-written and helps any student working his way through the allegory study the various stages that Christian goes through on his way to becoming a mature man of God. Reading this set was enjoyable and thought-provoking. I plan to use the set this fall when I go back to teaching a weekly Bible Study class. Great work, Alan! I’m already looking forward to your next study!
Alan Vermilye
Alan VermilyeAuthor
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Alan Vermilye is the author of The Pilgrim's Progress Series of books, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide, The Screwtape Letters Study Guide for Teens, Screwtape Proposes a Toast Study Guide, and The Great Divorce Study Guide. He also created the very popular Big Shiny Planet Bible Study Series used by thousands of church youth groups worldwide and helped facilitate the creation and delivery of the Safe Travel Solutions.

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The Life and Death of Mr. Badman Study Guide coming soon, will guide you through Bunyan’s masterful use of metaphors to a better understanding of the key concepts of the book, the supporting Bible passages, and the relevance to our world today. Each study question is ideal for group discussion, and answers to each question are available online.

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