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The Most Popular Christian Book of All Time

The Pilgrim's ProgressDid you know The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan is the most popular Christian allegory of all time and is second only to the Bible in book unit sales? Yet, how many of you have read this classic piece of literature that was first published in 1678?

Well, I, for one, had not. I tried to read it on several occasions, but just could not get past the archaic language of the original text. I even tried some of the more modern translations, but those, too left me confused. I wondered if maybe the book was antiquated and really had no relevance to our Christian walk today.

But something about this just did not ring true. So, my wife challenged me to rewrite the book in modern English and create a study guide for it all at the same time. Easy peasy right? Maybe for you, but I saw several red flags. First, I’m not a fiction writer. Second, I’m terrible at grammar. (I know this post needs editing) And finally, this seemed more difficult than just choosing another Lewis book for a study (no offense to Lewis).


Challenge Accepted!

However, I love a challenge and thought this John Bunyan guy could use a little bit of my help. So, I charted my course and was confident I could complete and publish my new work in less than 6 months. Now, almost a year and a half later as I’m penning these words to you, I’m astounded at my arrogance in thinking that I could simply take this classic piece of literature that has influenced brilliant minds for centuries and just whip out a new revision with a study guide in no time!

I cannot begin to measure the number of hours that I’ve spent poring over research, commentaries, and English word studies to revise the book and create the study guide that I’m presenting to you today. John Bunyan’s allegory of the walk of every believer is so simple yet deeply profound that you soon realize just how brilliant this “tinker” was when he wrote it almost 350 years ago.

In the next couple of days, I will share more of my thoughts with you about this book and study guide, but in the meantime, if you want to compare the original translation with mine.


E-book for only $6.99 on Amazon!

The e-book is only $6.99 on Amazon! However, if you prefer a print book, we have that too. So, whether you’ve read the book, tried to read it like me, or never heard of it, I’m challenging you to give this new version a shot. I promise it will be well worth your time!

Read the Reviews!


The Brown Chair Books Reviewer Team has been working over time the past month not only reviewing the book, but providing valuable edits and feedback. I appreciate everyone of you! Here a few of the latest reviews:

Refresh My Soul
Refresh My SoulAmazon Review
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These books are brilliantly done. Not only can I read the story of the Pilgrim's Progress with ease, but I also have the added bonus of a study guide that aids the book with deeper meaning through the study of Scripture to go alongside the wonderfully written masterpiece from John Bunyan.
M. Cowan
M. CowanAmazon Reviewer
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The study guide is also well-written and helps any student working his way through the allegory study the various stages that Christian goes through on his way to becoming a mature man of God. Reading this set was enjoyable and thought-provoking. I plan to use the set this fall when I go back to teaching a weekly Bible Study class.
WilliamAmazon Reviewer
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I plan to use this and its Study Guide in my fall small group discussion group and believe it will be a great success!

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Who is John Bunyan

Who was John Bunyan?

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